The park was part of the larger game-plan to introduce outdoor activities and adventure sports to Morni hills. The park offered a series of rope obstacles such as the spider’s web, river crossing, Tarzan’s swing, the Burma Bridge etc.

A rock-climbing wall with grips for practicing climbing and a short vertical drop for rappelling were the other outdoor activities. Kayaking and angling were to be introduced in the adjoining Tikkar tal. Open-air lakeside camping with evening bonfires was planned.

There were plans to introduce biking and para-sailing as well. It was hoped that the adventure activities would attract groups from large corporates and educational institutions in the region and would provide the much needed fillip to the tourism potential of the picturesque hills of Morni.

The Burma Bridge structure has two parallel ropes - one above the other - strung from poles / trees, at a height of 25 feet. Participants are divided into teams. At one time, two participants will climb the structure from two opposite ends using ladders and walk across the ropes to the centre of the structure. They will walk on one rope while holding the other one at shoulder / head height for support. The participants will be secured with harnesses and the guiding / belay ropes will be handled by instructors.

Cross-country trekking according to the terrain as specified by the client : hills and mountains as well as forests can be covered. The time of day : night trekking as well as day trekking for one-day treks can be arranged for. Longer treks are well-planned with all necessary safety equipment, guides, food and water and sleeping equipment.

Depending on the fitness levels of participants, various rock faces can be chosen for rock-climbing – whether natural or artificial walls. At all times, participants are secured with a safety rope and harness while they use their bare hands and feet to climb up a rock-face.

Boating Morni Hills, Tikkartal is the perfect place to go for boating or day tour, weekend

Encounters with Leopards: A female leopard with her cubs was sighted at the Berwala Bird Sanctuary by two lady birdwatchers in January 2009. The leopards target Gorals (mountain goats) that are plentiful in the area. According to the locals, the Berwala temple, a modest whitewashed shrine surrounded by thick mango trees on the road to Morni, is frequented by ‘tigers’ (leopards?). The temple is the site for an annual fair.